Pricing. Our services are priced thoughtfully, based on level of experience and skill, location, the things that are included in each service, the time each service takes, among other factors. The prices you see listed are starting points. If extra color is used, additional services or products are added, the price will increase accordingly. Our highlights and balayages are meant to last longer than you're used to and grow out softly, meaning less frequent appointments and higher quality color. However, discounts won't be given if you choose to come in more often. Less expensive maintenance appointments are available, that are meant to help you extend the life of your color and we suggest you take advantage of these! There are very few items priced à la carte. All color services include a gloss to refresh the ends or tone your highlights, a root melt if necessary, a bond builder if necessary, and a blow dry is always included.


Significant Lightening in Sessions. We always recommend the slow and steady route to your goal color. In general, going from dark to light is stressful to the hair. Particularly if the hair has built up color, it can take double, even triple the time to lighten it to the desired level safely! If the hair is already in a fragile state, we may refuse to push it too far in one session. Even if the hair is in good health, it can take multiple sessions to achieve the end goal. There are a myriad of circumstances that can affect this, including any medications you may be taking, the minerals in your water, and how many levels of lift we are trying to achieve. Significant lightening is typically not a fast or inexpensive process. By choosing to move forward with the service you understand that if multiple sessions are necessary, each session will cost the same. This is circumstantial- when the goal is not so extreme, it is most often attainable during your initial appointment. Your unique situation will be discussed thoroughly during your consultation.


Glossing. When going darker and almost always following a lightening service, we exclusively use glosses. These are semi/demi permanent colors and will fade over time. We choose not to use permanent color unless covering significant grey as it almost always fades brassy and is very difficult to remove. Glosses impart superior shine, close the cuticle after a lightening service and are ammonia free- perfect for being used on the same head of hair time and time again. This gives us the flexibility to change your tone every time you come in, if desired. You are consenting to the maintenance of glosses and toners and understand that they are meant to last up to 24 shampoos- this will depend on your routine, the porosity of your hair, and what the gloss is being used for. For example, if you are a blonde who loves a cooler tone but you are an every day shampooer, you will need to be glossed more frequently than a brunette who washes once a week. When highlighting, we always do so in such a way that your color can grow out beautifully and softly, but you will need to maintain the tone periodically. It is low maintenance color, not no maintenance! We are happy to recommend things you can do at home to cut down your in salon glossing appointments.

At Home Care. Your color service does not end in the salon. We cannot guarantee your color to last any amount of time if you're using products with harsh stripping ingredients, nor can we maintain the health of your hair for you. Very pale blondes and vivid colors need even more at home love. You must use high quality products with gentle ingredients, preferably purchased in a salon to ensure quality. You should do weekly conditioning treatments (and these don't have to be expensive, avocado oil works great!), and we strongly recommend weekly Olaplex treatments. Don't use hot tools daily, and try to wash your hair with cool water. And please, wait 48-hours to wash your hair after a color service; it takes this long for the cuticle to close. If you wash before this, you’ll be washing your gloss right down the drain. The money you've spent on an expensive service will go to waste if you don't plan to take care of your new color at home! Your stylist will always be happy to educate you on products and ingredients.


Previous Damage. If there is significant damage to your hair we may refuse to perform the service or may need to change the course of action. If we both agree to move forward with the service on compromised hair, be aware that the condition of your hair will affect how your color takes, how your color fades, and how damaged your hair may ultimately be. While we will always suggest the safest and most result driven method for you, hair can be unpredictable, and by consenting to the service you assume the risks associated, however uncommon they may be.


Adjustment & Refund Policy. Love, Dunette is a collective of independent stylists. These artists are their own small businesses within one communal space. As such, each stylist takes sole responsibility for their own clients and creating their own policies. Of course, our top priority is to make each and every guest fall in love with their new hair! Though seldom they may be, those unfortunate days do happen, when a guest may find their result unsatisfactory. Please understand, it is the responsibility of the stylist who performed the service -and them alone- to determine the course of action to follow.

Generally speaking, if you've lived with your color for a few days and desire a simple change of tone or darkening of the color, your stylist will be happy to provide a complimentary adjustment service. We ask you to contact your stylist within 1 week of the original service date.

If an adjustment service is agreed upon, it will have to be scheduled at the convenience of the stylist’s schedule. Other guests will not be asked to move their appointments to accommodate an adjustment sooner.

And remember, it can take multiple sessions when lightening to get to where you’re going. If another go is necessary to get you to your desired level, it will have to be scheduled and paid for.

Refunds will (generally) not be given, but we always do everything possible to give you the hair you've been dreaming of, barring any limitations!