Christine McMillen | Owner

For color services with Christine, there is a current waiting period of 12-16 weeks. Since haircuts are shorter services, there may be sooner availability. Once weโ€™ve consulted, we will be happy to keep you in mind in the event of a last minute opening!

Licensed since 2008, Christine has devoted the 11 years of her career to perfecting techniques based around low maintenance, believable, melted color. Combined with soft, textured, carefully crafted shapes, you'll leave with hair you can live life in, without being a slave to the salon. Christine combines her extensive knowledge of what is and is not possible, with a thorough assessment of your hair texture, lifestyle, complexion, priorities, and daily routine. With this knowledge, she creates a customized color and cut that prioritizes hair health above all else, grows out gracefully, and uniquely suits each individual.

Rayna Girson | Junior Stylist

Rayna began her career in cosmetology in 2010 in Columbus, Ohio. She is an advocate for natural beauty, sustainability, and environmentally friendly hair practices. She is currently offering her services at lower rates while she grows her clientele and undergoes a mentorship program with Christine. She is perfecting her skills in the area of todayโ€™s modern color placement and is being trained to deliver the same seamless blends, by using cohesive coloring and lightening techniques. As a lifelong enthusiast for all things related to wellness, Rayna is dedicated to creating beauty for her clients from the inside out.