new guests


New Guests

If you are new to Love, Dunette, we require a discussion about your hair prior to booking an appointment. You may book an in-person consultation below, or fill out the following form to begin an email consultation. Please gather photos of your own hair and of your inspiration, as you’ll be asked for these once we’ve received your submitted form.

There is a current waiting period for new guests of 5-6 months. We are happy to keep you in mind in the event of a sooner cancellation. We recommend going through the consultation process so if a last minute appointment opens up, we can quickly see if your requested service fits within the time slot.

Please note, aside from consultations, we will not approve any service appointments requested online by new guests. Once you are an existing client of Love, Dunette, you will be welcome to book services online. Additionally, all new guests will be required to provide a valid credit card, in regards to our cancellation policy.

Name *
Please describe your ultimate goal color. When you receive a response, you'll likely be asked for a photo of your hair currently and an inspiration photo of what you're hoping to achieve; please have these handy!
Don't spare the details! Everything your hair has been through in the last few years MUST be disclosed in order to provide you with the best possible service.
We are currently booking new guests 5-6 months in advance. Please list a few of the best days/times that typically work for you. Be aware that nights and weekends are the fastest to book up; if you have any flexibility with daytime weekdays do let us know.